Cooling stand

Cooling stand for laptops


Cooling stand for laptops
NIFLHEIM cooling stand, optimized for laptops up to 17'', has 4x12 cm fans that will help to cool
down your computer while you're playing to your favorite games. The fans speed is adjustable
(by pairs) thanks to two inverters situated at the back; you'll be able to cool down your gear in
the way you like. NIFLHEIM also has 2 built-in USB ports. It then provides you one additional USB
port to connect USB peripheral non-greedy in energy such as keyboard or mouse. Thanks to its
adjustable feet and wedges, it offers two levels of settings to stabilize your laptop.
Main features
4x12cm fans
Cooling stand for laptop
Optimized for laptops up to 17''
Fans with backlight thanks to built-in LED
Improves your laptop heat dissipation
Optimized for laptop up to 17''
4x12cm fans with adjustable speed (by pairs)
Fan speed: up to 1200 RPM
Noise level: 26 dBA
2 adjustable levels to maximize comfort
2 adjustable wedges to stabilize your laptop
Storage compartment for the delivered USB A-A cable
Powered by USB (5V DC)
1 USB port for keyboard/mouse
Dimensions : 408 x 287 x 29 mm